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How Do You Pick the Best Mask

15 Jan 2021 | Product

Masks are All Over the Market, Let us Tell You How to Pick the Right One

A P2 respirator, reusable mask, cloth mask, surgical mask there are so many choices and terms out there. How do you pick the best face mask for you?

There are reasons for buying each of these types of masks, but for anyone the real crux of the decision comes to price, longevity, comfortability, and use-ability. Each mask type has its advantages, listed below.


Firstly, and most importantly, a respirator needs to be P2 certified. This ensures the mask has been officially tested to comply with the standards to filter out particulate matter & other performance criteria. P2 respirators may have filters that come along with them, these filters need to be replaced regularly to ensure the mask keeps working to its full effect. A 3 or more layered mask will also filter out particulate. A surgical mask, 3 or more layered cloth mask, and respirator will cover each of these aspects.


Comfortability is a personal preference with masks, generally cloth masks and respirators will be the most comfortable. The MaskBuddy mask has a comfortable self sealing cushion around the mask, making it secure and comfortable on the wearer's face. One difference between cloth masks and respirators is the wearers with glasses will experience fogging with cloth masks due to air escaping from the mask. With MaskBuddy respirator the air expelled through the filter out the front of the mask and because of this the wearers glasses don't fog up.

Protect Your Wallet

The longevity of the product is important, getting value for money is important. Single use surgical masks are ongoing purchases and can only be used once. It is better value for money to purchase a cloth or half mask since they can be used for up to 12 months and they generally cost around the same amount. Both the reusable mask types need to be washed regularly, the cloth mask can be hand washed or put in the washing machine. The MaskBuddy half mask just needs to be wiped and the filter changed.

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