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The Benefits of Maskbuddy

03 Dec 2020 | Product

Masks are becoming more and more important in modern society, with global health coming front of mind for many members of the global society. In many cultures a mask has been a standard accessory due to population density and air quality. However for the western countries masks are a new concept and have been rushed into the market in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the market flooded with mask patterns for DIY creation, or clothing companies supplying 3 layered face masks as the main staple. It is hard to understand what makes a mask good. Not only do people want the health benefits of particulate filtration, they also want to look good wearing their mask.

If you are looking for a mask that you can use and reuse, look good wearing, and get the benefits of a SETA carbon nanofibre filtration system then read below to see the benefits of using a Maskbuddy reusable face mask.

Inward & Outward Particulate Filtering

The Maskbuddy face mask is designed to not only filter particulates from the wearer's air intake, but it also filters any particulates when the wearer exhales, by using a valve system and a P2 filter fit into the mask and a moulded outlet ring. All air that travels through the mask is passed through the P2 rated filter.

When using a cloth mask or a filtered cloth mask you are generally only filtering air being inhaled, a cloth mask without filtration & a seal will not be filtering air exhaled. It is our goal not only to provide a safe environment for our customers, but the friends, family, and strangers they may be around.

Comfortable & Talkable Design

The design of Maskbuddy allows for a small gap between the front of the mask and the wearer's mouth. This small quality of life adjustment makes a huge difference in how comfortable it is to wear the mask. There is nothing worse than getting a phone call and having to remove your mask because the person on the other end cannot hear you. MaskBuddy also features a silicone cushion to seal to your face and straps behind the neck rather than over the ears. Over extended periods there is no discomfort from straps or irritation. If you wear glasses your problems with face masks have been solved, because of MaskBuddys sealed design air is exhaled out the front of the mask and your glasses will not fog up.

The Maskbuddy design allows for clear communication and comfortable wear for long periods.

Reusability & Lifecycle

Maskbuddy is built to last, manufactured from durable medical grade plastic materials, the filters are the only component that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. With the rise of face mask littering from single use medical masks, we see there is a need for serious thought behind masks as an ongoing use product.

This is why you can use your Maskbuddy daily and not have to worry about getting another mask. Reusable masks are critical for the environment and society. The use of face masks in Australia is increasing and Maskbuddy is here to solve the problem of single use masks and help the Aussie community take respiratory health seriously.

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